Amber Maya - "Jealous" 

Unique. Soulful. Expressive. Ambitious. Amber Maya is a name you need on your radar.

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Today, Maya released her newest single, "Jealous", complete with the hypnotizing video seen below. Starting off with relaxing guitar, the song maintains is stripped back vibe while letting Maya's smooth, delicate, yet powerful vocal performance do the heavy lifting. 

Named in 2017 as “one to watch” by MTV, the Berlin based singer-songwriter says she’s spent the last year between Barbados, Berlin and New Zealand working on her LP. In 2015, Amber dropped her debut EP Fly By Night, which quickly went viral on Spotify with upwards of 8 million streams. She followed that up with her second EP Shade while working with Canadian producer James Risbey. The new LP saw Maya take a large step forward and expansion of her sound into larger and more dynamic atmospheres. 

Directed by Coco Reed, Maya’s latest video ‘Jealous’ is a captivating and creative commentary on sexual and gender fluidity and the importance for queer people of colour to be vocal on these issues. 

"As a queer woman of colour from an often very repressive island, where it’s technically illegal to be gay, it was extremely important for me to showcase relationships among queer people of colour."

The video is hypnotic and immaculately shot, with distinct imagery seen throughout each scene.

"I also wanted to use the image of a black woman in the setting of a lush Victorian-style home, with photos of her/my black ancestors on the walls (my grandparents). It’s not an image we get to see very often, and I think this kind of representation and reshaping of narrative is hugely necessary. It was important to me that the video have a strong female presence behind the scenes; so it’s fully produced, directed, and edited by young females." 

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