Ellzo - Flutter

Ellzo Releases “Flutter”

The track morphs and plays with panning to create a perfect groove.

By: Sam Eeckhout


London producer Ellzo has fun making music and you can hear it in his songs. Wandering between genres like future bass, chiptune, chillstep and more, his newest song “Flutter” does exactly that - flutter. Big bright synthesizers and a full toolbox of production tricks makes the track hypnotic.

The song starts with a fury of synth keys rising up the scales, before a perfectly crisp drum pattern joins in. The fun begins. Sounds of all kinds enter the soundscape, keeping things interesting and dynamic throughout. It’s a chill toe-tapping song with no shortage of ideas to keep your ears perked.

With such an array of sounds being used, it would be easy for it to become a mess, but Ellzo is able to flex his natural talent to create a cohesive tune. Sprinkling vocal samples, interesting melodies, and unique effects, “Flutter” is capable of taking you somewhere else. Almost producing for 10 years now, Ellzo is finding his stride and carving out his sound to a more pronounced place.