Felix Cartal - Faces ft Veronica

Felix Cartal Continues Consistency With "Faces"

Cartal teamed up with Veronica to create a smooth, mature social commentary with an irresistable dance floor groove.

By: Heidi Bray


Continuing an impressively consistent output, the newest single from Felix Cartal, "Faces" is more than just a dance floor deep house track. Yes, it's smooth. Yes, it's polished and infectious. But, it's also taking a stance on human interaction, or lack thereof. "Faces" is the latest single from Cartal's upcoming album, and features the always impressive Veronica lending her voice to convey their joint message. Veronica explains the song is a simple reminder of something that is often forgotten, saying, "we want to remind anyone listening that there's nothing more important than the people we surround ourselves with, so don't hide from the faces."  

Social commentary aside, "Faces" is a serene, melodic, and well-balanced deep house tune. Guided by Veronica's dreamy, yet powerful vocals, Cartal creates an enticing intro that asks, "What are you hiding from? Faces." The build-ups and drops are mature, creating subtle intricacy in its simplicity. The bass sits perfectly in the mix and will have you dancing upon impact. When you combine the elite production of Cartal, with high-end songwriting ability, you have yourself the perfect recipe for a dance floor hit. Cartal will no doubt be playing the beautiful melody and rhythms of "Faces" at the famous Drai's Beach Club in Las Vegas, now that he's officially started a residency there as of April 8th. Check out the equally enticing music video below!

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