SLANDER & WAVEDASH Release Dubstep Banger

SLANDER & Wavedash Release Massive "Move Back"

The single, via Insomniac Records, is everything you'd want in a dubstep track

By: Heidi Bray


When you put five heavy bass producers in a studio to work on a song, you'd think there might be issues. However, the talented duo SLANDER and the trio that is WAVEDASH have created a new dubstep anthem in complete cohesion. "Move Back" is a cinematic, high energy. bass-heavy banger that gives you everything you could ask for. Beginning with a Requiem for a Dream-esque intro, "Move Back" creates tension, anticipation and hype with precision and elite production talent. That's all well and good, but if you can't back it up with an above average drop, who cares? No problem. The drop not only delivers, it excels. It gives you want you want, and more, walking the line between quintessential dubstep and next level genre blending. "Move Back" will absolutely crush a dance floor, and should be a staple in live venues throughout 2018. 

Everything SLANDER has released has been near perfect, and with the addition of WAVEDASH, "Move Back" is an impressive unity of five special talents. Let's hope they link up again.

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