Beachwood Coyotes - I Am Just A Stand In

Beachwood Coyotes Release Anthemic "I Am Just A Stand In"

You're going to want to hear this.

By: Sam Eeckhout


Behind a great band name with an even greater story, Beachwood Coyotes have given us a big, bright, and infectious indie-rock track that you'll want to scream at the top of your lungs. Their sound is polished, their sound is unique, and their latest single "I Am Just A Stand In" gives you everything you could possibly want in an indie-rock tune. 


Let's start at the beginning. The four-piece band from LA started with guitarist Jason Nott. With the help of some acid-induced coyotes guiding Nott away from danger one night, Nott turns towards music. Throwing everything he has at songwriting, he enlists bassist Drew Smith, drummer Bryan King, and the highly talented Yan Clermont to join forces and create Beachwood Coyotes. It's a perfect fusion of talents, each with a unique background, and through tireless practice, release their debut EP Scrubby in 2017 to critical acclaim.

"My heart is racing, but I'm not turning back."

"I Am Just A Stand In" is the second of two singles released by the quartet this year ("Discipline" is the first) and is a succinct representation of the band continuing to push into new territory as musicians. Kicking off with a synth burst and a growing bass line, the track wastes no time giving us catchy vocal hooks that will get stuck in our heads. The bass drum pounds and drives and we quickly fall into an explosive chorus. The chorus is as good as it gets, falling into half the speed as the verse with a shout out loud vocal hook. 

The song flies by. After the second chorus, the band gives us an energetic and building guitar solo that nicely brings us back to a conclusive chorus. There are some great harmonies, jangling guitars, powerful vocal hooks, and a smorgasbord of styles within the band's discography. If the first two singles of 2018 represent the future of things to come from Beachwood Coyotes, then indie-rock is in good hands. Listen below.