Mr Gabriel - Tambourine

Mr Gabriel Releases New Single "Tambourine"

The single is a high energy good time.

By: Brandon Sims


Packed tightly with an eclectic mix of sounds, "Tambourine" is a high-energy clusterfuck of a good time. Loaded with whistles, a groovy distorted baseline, and of course, the constant shaking of a tambourine, this tune provides for a fast-pace yet soundly structured rock tune that fans of bands like Foster the People and Franz Ferdinand are sure to enjoy. Shying away from his typical themes of love and his utter disdain for the internet, on this one, Mr. Gabriel wrote with one thing in mind - giving a rightful middle-finger to the taxman.

Gabriel says, “Honestly, I usually write songs about two things: Love and how much I hate the Internet. But I also dislike paying taxes, because I still get shitty healthcare. So this ones a greaser for the man. It’s a light-hearted fuck you. Anyways, when does it not feel good to admit you have no control and at least make yourself dance?" And dance we shall. Throughout the song, Gabriel is heard repeating the catchy hook that sings out “You shake me like a tambourine,” echoing the frustration that lingers inside all of us for which we feel towards that dreadful time of year known as tax season. The track is a quick-moving, constantly progressing alternative-rock song that will no doubt be keeping hipster show attendees dancing their little Old Skool Vans off all night.