Ocean Alley - Happy Sad

Ocean alley Releases New Video for "Happy Sad"

The video showcases a behind the scenes look at the band's journey.

By: Brandon Sims

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We’re kicking September off strong here at Sacred Exile with this week's Exiled addition coming from Australia’s own Ocean Alley. “Happy Sad,” the catchy single from the incredibly diverse sextet now comes complete with a music video. The tune wreaks of psychedelia and blues-rock meshed with reggae funky tones full of soul and complexity that keep listeners engaged from beginning to end. It’s not too often that a modern band is able to bring such a surprisingly fresh and tasteful sound to the classic genres they give nod to.

Lyrically, the song touches on themes of missed opportunities and regret in relationships - something most of us can relate to on one level or another.

“It coulda been good

It coulda been great”

Baden Donegal, the band's lead singer, does an incredible job of showing off his dynamic range and ability to influence the music beyond simply signing written words. When listening to Ocean Alley’s music, it’s apparent Donegal sings from the heart and cares about his music deeply. You simply can’t force a singer to express music the way he does.

Additionally, the passion and intrigue within their music demonstrate the integrity for which the rest of the band writes these songs with. The guitar work is second-to-none, the basslines are groovy and deliver exactly the way they should, and the drums serve as the integral backbone that these transcendent guitar sounds deserve.

“Happy Sad” comes from the band’s sophomore album, Chiaroscuro, which has amassed over 15 million streams and sold over 7,000 units in less than six months. Their style is described by many as a diverse range of psychedelic surf-rock infused with soulful reggae vibes. No matter how you want to describe them, some things are immediately apparent when listening to this band - they are electric, they are original, and they are ridiculously talented.

Ocean Alley will be heading on tour with fellow Australian superstar, Tash Sultana, this fall across North America. Peek the tour flyer below for those dates and don’t forget to check out the video for “Happy Sad.”

Tash Sultana + Ocean Alley = A show you don’t want to miss