Saint Mesa - Murky

Saint Mesa Releases Haunting "Murky"

The track is strange and alluring. It works.

By: Exile Staff


The new single from Saint Mesa, "Murky", starts with eerie vocals that immediately create an aesthetic unlike much else out there. "Murky" is ritualistic, with tribal drumming and an acoustic guitar that picks odd notes. It all comes together perfectly. Born Danny McCook, Saint Mesa is a unique musical talent, and "Murky" perfectly showcases his distinct ability to fuse together instrumentation in an interesting fashion. No stranger to creating anthemic music, like his previous hit "Jungle", his newest single "Murky" stays anthemic, but in a whole new direction.

The track builds perfectly, adding intrigue through every bar with new sounds and dynamics. Everything comes beautifully to climax halfway through, exploding with a full array of sounds. Strings, guitars, and a driving drum pattern bring the epic sound to the forefront, and with it, a captivating listening experience. This was the first single in almost a year from Saint Mesa, and we're hoping there will be more sooner than later.