Tash Sultana - Salvation

Tash Sultana Releases "Salvation"

The single is the first off her upcoming debut album due out in August.

By: Brandon Sims


Over the last year, arguably no solo artist has climbed the ranks quicker than Australian sensation, Tash Sultana. Known for her original songwriting and unique live shows, which essentially feature Tash as a one-woman-wrecking-crew strumming and sampling her way through mesmerizing performances, her songs "Jungle" and "Notion" have amassed a combined 90 million plays on Spotify, with her bedroom performance of "Jungle" reaching an additional 20 million views on YouTube. Tash’s rise to success is as grassroots as it gets these days. Similar to artists like FKJ and Tom Misch, she plays nearly every instrument that’s relevant to her music-making process, and her rise to fame has been largely due to the widespread success of her live performances on YouTube. In her videos, Tash is usually seen shredding one of her many Fender guitars while utilizing a plethora of pedals, drum machines, keys, trumpets, and so much more. Her home studio looks like a playground for musicians, with racks of guitars, amps, samplers, and everything one needs to create and record original tunes. 

Continuing on her upward trajectory, Tash has returned with her latest track, "Salvation", which is the first single off her debut album Flow State, set to be released on August 31 of this year. The song hits hard in typical Tash Sultana fashion with euphoric chords, some jazzy sounds coming from the keys, and lyrics that stretch the imagination while expressing genuine themes of self-preservation that, no doubt, are a reflection of the artists own musical journey. The chorus sings out, “I don't need your loving for my salvation, I found myself between the dirt and desperation, I don't need you for my own validation.” Considering it was only two years ago that she was still busking on the streets of Melbourne, there’s no wonder as to where she gained inspiration for the lyrics. When watching any of Tash’s live performances, it becomes increasingly evident that she does what she does for no one but herself. Her style is original, her methods are unprecedented, and her authenticity shines at the forefront of the artist’s persona. Much like when she was playing for free on the sidewalks in Australia, she doesn’t care what your preconceived notions may be – once you give her a chance, there is no denying the impeccable talent that lies within the 23-year old musician.

Tash Sultana recently announced a world tour. Check the dates below to catch her in a town near you.