The Holy Gasp - Simple Pleasures

The Holy Gasp Release Utterly Unique "Simple Pleasures"

The single from the band is an immediately captivating mix of genres, anchored by a powerful vocal performance.

By: Sam Eeckhout

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“I wrote “Simple Pleasures” drunk as a goddamn sailor in the back of a cab after my brother’s wedding,” 

The story of how "Simple Pleasures" came to be is almost as interesting as the song itself. The tune is swampy, freak-folk, and a wonderfully balanced crescendo backed by the hypnotic vocals of frontman Benjamin Hackman. Keys dance, guitar chords wobble, horns squeal and the lyrics flow from Hackman effortlessly, painting a captivating picture. 

The vocal performance is reminiscent of Timber Timbre's Taylor Kirk meets Nick Cave, but is ultimately unlike anything you have probably heard before. It's powerful and it's compelling. Hackman patiently builds towards a scream under the beautifully eerie accompaniment, making "Simple Pleasures" a fascinating listen.

About the genesis of the track, Hackman said:

“It was in the wee hours of the morning, and my suit was sweat-stuck to my body from the dancing I’d done. As the car picked up speed I opened the window and surrendered to the breeze, which poured over my face and neck and cooled me. It just felt so good after all that dancing. I started singing. I couldn’t help it. And the driver… he was loving it, so I kept at it, the ham that I am… and my ex-wife, God bless her, had the foresight to record it all on her phone. In the morning, she played it for me over coffee, and I spent the next few days crystallizing the narrative, building its subtext. I was looking at the moral responsibility of the mentally ill, how hurt people hurt people, and how our loved ones suffer as a result of our own suffering.”

The Holy Gasp has delivered a refreshing take on an old style, and has delivered it flawlessly.

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