Arms Akimbo - "Velleity"

Arms Akimbo Release "Velleity"

The single is subtle in its intricacy, anchored by a succinct guitar riff and effortless vocals.

By: Brandon Sims


“Velleity” is the latest track from the Los Angeles rock band, Arms Akimbo, and is a refreshing take on a familiar sound. The alt-rock quartet, who formed the band during their college days after being inspired by bands like Local Natives, Portugal. The Man and Hippo Campus, makes songwriting of this fashion seem effortless. Their sharply defined and intricate guitar melodies pair well with singer Peter Schrupp’s elegant voice and powerful chord progressions. While Schrupp’s voice isn’t pushing any boundaries as far as vocal range goes, he sings with a sort of confidence that tells us the songs are personal to him.

When listening to “Velleity”, it’s easy to see that Schrupp and the rest of his bandmates have something they want to say. Their passion for the music they play is evident in everything, from the way they jam on their Fender guitars, to the structure of the song, to the lyrics themselves. It’s obvious the four founding members were adamant about starting this project and doing it the way they envisioned. While subtle in its execution, "Velleity" is a neatly crafted and distinct dish of indie-rock, powered by its immaculate lead guitar riff. 

Arms Akimbo has been quickly rising in popularity since releasing their debut EP, Vignettes, which landed them a number of noteworthy opening slots for bands like WALK THE MOON, The Animals, The Muffs, and Colleen Green, to name a few. The band found their biggest success to date after linking up with producer, Stephen Gomez (The Summer Set) to record a set of singles, including "Michigan" which broke close to a million plays and landed on Spotify's Global (peak at # 48), US (#45 ) and Canada (#7) Viral Charts. "Velleity" comes off their latest EP, The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party, which features two other singles, "None of My business", and "Seven Mirrors." With The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party, Arms Akimbo reminds everyone that indie-rock is still cool in a world littered with auto-tune rappers and computer DJ’s.