Belle Sonder - Earlydrop

Belle Sonder Release New Single "Earlydrop"

The single is captivating and dripping with emotion without uttering a single word.

By: Exile Staff


Belle Sonder, the intriguing duo of Eirik Bøen Gravdal (Norway) and Liam Cook(UK), have infused shoe-gaze and post-rock flavors from all over to create their inspiring and powerful new single, "Earlydrop." The opener to their new self-titled four-song EP teases with harmonics for a brief seven seconds before exploding across your stereo soundscape. Big, bright, guitar chords are hammered relentlessly as snare fills create tension and energy. The song impressively navigates a magnitude of emotions over the compact two minute and 40 second play time.

"Earlydrop" is going to make you feel things. Close your eyes and soak it in. It evokes feelings of deep reflection while creating a sense within yourself of overcoming great challenges. A belief in yourself and those around you. After its initial blast of beautiful chords underneath a subtle and understated melody, the drums shift and dance around with toms, while the guitar continues to create a relentless energy. This shift is a momentary pause before we launch back into the epic and passionate furry of the song.

Belle Sonder has taken a sound that has become slightly dominated by Explosions in the Sky comparisons and emerged uniquely distinct. It is direct, while wide-ranging. It is compact and dense while maintaining a simple formula. In a genre that can be difficult to convey a complete message quickly, they accomplished something special. The duo clearly has a deep musical chemistry, and after traveling across Norway in Autumn of 2017, it's clear they are on a journey together. We're happy to be along for the ride.