Blood Cultures - Best For You

Blood Cultures Release “Best For You”

The New Jersey quartet blends psych-rock with indie-pop perfectly.

By: Exile Staff


“I want the best for you, but do you want the best for me?”

Blood Cultures waste no time pulling you into their unique sound. From the very first note on their newest single, “Best For You”, you’ll sit up to listen more intently.

The infectious melodic hook of the chorus is undeniable, and the single expertly crafts itself around it. The track relentlessly builds up our anticipation of the catchy chorus returning. The energy throughout “Best For You” never stops flowing, creating a track you’ll be throwing on repeat for a long time.

Blood Cultures is all-in on their artistic journey, creating a sound that genuinely connects with its listener. In their pursuit of that connection, the band refuses to disclose any information about themselves in order to preserve any bias that could seep into the listener’s experience. While one could argue their intentional absence of an identity potentially will bias the listener more, an excerpt from the bands manifesto explains further:

“Our hope is to create genuine, emotive art for individuals to connect with in a unique way. We choose to not publicly reveal any information about the project and ourselves in order to effectively carry out this mission: We believe that disclosing our personalities, politics, alignments, intentions, orientations, etc. could detach the listener further from the personal connection that they have made with the music.”

The track represents the first new music from the band since “Flowers For All Occasions” was released in March. And yes, “Best For You” signals a brand new album from Blood Cultures - Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs will officially drop September 13th. Based on their latest single, the album promises to be filled with hooks, big ideas, and an emotionally impactful listening experience.