More People Should Be Talking About The Blue Stones

More People Should Be Talking About The Blue Stones

The Windsor, Ontario natives deserve more of your time.

By: Brandon Sims

Photo Credit: Sam Shapiro

Photo Credit: Sam Shapiro

It’s not every day we hear solid rock tunes coming out of Windsor, Ontario – a town mostly known for harsh winters, its automotive industry, and for being the town opposite the border of Detroit. Is the small market of Windsor the reason why the hard-rock band with bits of blues embedded, The Blue Stones, has gone unnoticed by a large majority of music fans across the globe?

This band has everything fans of rock n’ roll love and crave more of. Since The Black Keys went on hiatus about 5 years ago, the world has been searching for new leaders of the scene. Instead, we’ve been left to debate the legitimacy of Greta Van Zeppelin… err… I mean… Van Fleet.

But with a jarringly limited amount of quality rock acts in the public spotlight today, it’s odd that a talented band with such charisma remains absent from many discussions that center around rising rock bands in today’s musical landscape.

Yes, they have had their music featured in notable television shows, like Suits, Necessary Roughness, and Parks and Recreation, and were positively received at major festivals like Bonnaroo, but how many people are actually talking about The Blue Stones on a mass scale?

As far as presentation goes, the band has everything you could want from a modern rock duo. Hard rocking guitar riffs, passionately catchy vocal hooks, psychedelic imagery, and a vibe that says they’re here to do things their way.

The Blue Stones are a Canadian rock duo who released their debut album, Black Holes, in the summer of 2018, but most of the songs are not new. They’ve actually been playing many of tracks featured on the album for nearly 9 years now.


“For us, (Black Holes) doesn’t feel as much as a debut,” admits drummer, Justin Tessier. “It’s weird. We’ve been playing these songs for so long.”

While a number of their songs have been staples in the group’s set for nearly a decade, that hasn’t stopped them from refreshing the tunes.

In November 2018, they finally released a video for the album’s title track, “Black Holes.” When listening to this particular song, it’s nearly impossible not to draw comparisons to English rock band, Royal Blood, both in their music style and the fact that they are also leather jacket sporting duo that bring a heightened sense of energy to their tunes. In fact, all the comparisons are easy to draw here, whether it be The White Stripes, The Black Keys, or Royal Blood - The Blue Stones are what fans of those bands love and become increasingly passionate about.

Some of the biggest bands over the last 20 years have been blues-rock duos like The Blue Stones. Considering they are still less than one year removed from the release of their debut album, it would not be a shock to see this group rise to the top of the ranks. Check out their video for “Black Holes” and be the judge for yourself.

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