Callum Pitt - Away From The Rousing Parades

Callum Pitt Releases "Away From the Rousing Parades"

The fifth single from the talented Newcastle musician is a beautiful slow-burn.

By: Sam Eeckhout


Arguably his most lively single to date, "Away From the Rousing Parades" showcases the wide array of artistry possessed by Callum Pitt. With vocals that are both powerful and vulnerable, Pitt is a captivating songwriter, and one to watch in the near future.

Right from the beginning of “Away from the Rousing Parades”, Pitt demands our attention, tugging at nostalgic strings. It's a slow burn to start, with intricate lyrics tightly packed with imagery. Comparisons to Fleet Foxes are fair, as Pitt's vocals anchor an emotional journey that is as moving as it is reflective. His sound is familiar while being wholly his own.

It's a sound that can’t be ignored, filling every dimly lit ember of your body. All at once it’s a soothing, uplifting and well-constructed tune that invites you to lean in deeper with every new chord. The vocals pull you in, and like a tide, pull you out.

Pitt is a patient and creative songwriter, waiting until just the right moment to unleash a subtle and unique chord he's been holding onto throughout the track. This is undoubtedly a blast of a song for him and the band to play live, exploding from slow-moving ballad to a fast-paced throw-your-body-around jig. Regardless of the change in tempo halfway through, "Away From the Rousing Parades" maintains what is becoming Pitt's signature, an innate warmth radiating from the music. 

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