Covey Shines With New Single

Covey Releases New Single “Gecko”

It’s jam packed with hooks, melodies, and sing at the top of your lungs lyrics.

By: Exile Staff

covey 2.jpg

“But I saw you in my dream last night, as we stood alone…”

Covey is a name you’re going to be hearing a great deal more of this year.

Their latest tune, “Gecko” is a testament to frontman Tom Freeman’s special songwriting abilities, complete with endless effortless hooks and a raw and honest vocal performance. If it’s any sign of the album to come, it’s shaping up to be a great record.

Spring is coming. “Gecko” is the perfect precursor to the shift in seasons, full of optimism and big bright ‘sing at the sky’ vocal hooks. Covey has built up a reputation for earnest folk-rock tunes, like “Stranger” and “Same White Shoes” which were off their latest 2017 album Haggarty.

Their music makes an instant connection to their listener, and “Gecko” wastes no time, bursting into an opening riff with a quick pace and simple guitar melody. Freeman’s vocals are dripping with a raw conviction that grips you as he channels his inner Jeff Mangum.

This track builds perfectly, with energy and elements constantly building upon one another. This continues until a beautifully creative, yet simple moment half way through - a breakdown of guitar strumming and drum building into a wonderful crescendo.

Covey is without a doubt a band that has all the pieces, and with “Gecko” they are shouting out to 2019 that they are on the rise. With relentless melody hooks, a heart-wide open aesthetic, and a sound that is uniquely theirs - you will certainly be hearing more from them as the year progresses.