Drens - "No"

German Surf-Punk Rockers Drens Release "No"

The single is 2 minutes of straight-up fun.

By: Exile Staff

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Nestled in Dortmund/Cologne, Germany, garage band Drens released the upbeat and straight-ahead good-times single "No". While the overall sound of the track is happy, the lyrics represent taking a break, hiding from all the drama and looking after yourself. "No" wastes no time kicking off, and coming in at a rapid 2 minutes and 17 seconds, will warrant several re-listens. The crisp verses are pushed forward by a driving drum beat before the chorus explodes. The chorus is a perfect, quintessential surf-punk riff and will have you singing along. "No" will have you smiling for all 137 of its irresistible seconds.