Grand Am - Center of the Circle

Grand Am Puts Out Fresh Single “Center of the Circle”

The new single is an infectious toe-tapper.

By: Brandon Sims


Grand Am recently released their latest single, “Center of the Circle”, and it’s a track that should keep your computer mouse hovered over the replay button for weeks to come.

Fans of psychedelic rock will rejoice this groovy and soul-driven tune, as it takes you on a classy ride over around the sun. This song provides everything music fans love about this particular style. Driven by a funky melody on the keys that sit smoothly under singer, David McMillin’s mellow, yet wildly entertaining vocals, “Center of the Circle” is one of those tunes you have put on for any type of audience or situation. Whether you’re chillin’ with friends or on a late-night drive, this song’s got something for everyone.

Grand Am is a project from composer, producer and engineer James Panepinto and singer/songwriter David McMillin. The band’s sound is an electrifying fusion of rock and blues influence that brings back memories of The Black Keys Turn Blue album. It’s that smooth, soulful, well-rounded jam-band vibe with thought-provoking lyrics that always leave you wanting more.

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