Grizfolk Drops Standout Single “Heavy Crown”

Grizfolk Drops Standout Single “Heavy Crown”

One of two new singles, the track is fun, passionate, and creative.

By: Brandon Sims


“What kind of river we ridin’ on, what kind of ride do we roll?”

Los Angeles-based rock band, Grizfolk, recently unleashed two new singles for the world to enjoy as fans patiently await the groups next album.

One of the singles, “Heavy Crown,” is a standout track for the band, who hasn’t released new music since their debut album, Waking Up The Giants, in 2016.

“Heavy Crown” is one of the best pieces of work we’ve seen from the young band. This track is fun, it’s passionate, it’s creative, and it is surprisingly refreshing. “Heavy Crown” is a groovy ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. It’s a cool breeze in the hot summer air. As the lyrics profess, it’s a light in a cold, cold, cold world. While it may have been released during the peak of winter, this tune has Summer vibes riddled throughout.

With the upbeat melody and thumping bassline pulsing the song along, it’s almost easy to bypass the impending complexity of such a bright and colorful jam.

In an interview with Billboard, Grizfolk explained how the song’s underlying meaning reflects a trying time in the band’s lives.

"'Heavy Crown' is a reflection of what we were feeling during one of the toughest stretches of our lives,” the group told Billboard. “We’ve been through a lot since our first album was released, both personally and collectively as a band, and it seemed like others felt similar sentiments of turmoil and unrest. This song is about making the choice, despite all the negativity around us, to be a light in a cold world.”

The band has spent the last few years touring with acts like Bastille, X Ambassadors, and Twenty One Pilots, to name a few. While their plans for the remainder of the year have not been specified, let’s hope the future for Grizfolk sounds a lot like “Heavy Crown.”