Jon Bryant - Ya Ya Ya Ya

Jon Bryant Releases New Single “Ya Ya Ya Ya”

The tune is a hypnotic groove that hits all the right notes.

By: Brandon Sims


“Oh babe, can we go back, and replace all the of the fact with the fiction?”

“Ya Ya Ya Ya” is the latest single from Vancouver-based singer/songwriter, Jon Bryant. It’s a splendidly soulful, genre-blending tune that vibes and chimes its way into the dreamy soundscape Bryant is most comfortable in.

The track, which comes with his upcoming album, Cultivated, set for release on May 17th, is deep and introspective, with impactful lyrics and a touching theme, yet always maintaining a sense of groovy youthfulness.

Bryant does an excellent job of demonstrating his abilities as a multi-instrumentalist by beautifully blending a plethora of sounds - like piano-based melodies with padded synths, and punching guitar strums.

“Ya Ya Ya Ya” is completely buoyed by its touching and catchy chorus. The song centers around its energy, working its way effortlessly to it. Bryant’s vocals are silky smooth, floating on top the relentless groove powering the indie tune.

With Cultivated, Bryant took a different approach in his writing style. Rather than beginning his process on the guitar, where the artist has always gravitated towards, he decided to start building the songs on the keys.

On the toes of a relocation to a new city and the beginning of a new chapter in life, Bryant sought to challenge himself even more by broadening his creative skills. The result was an album infused with hints of jazz, soul, and synth-pop.

“Ya Ya Ya Ya” is a patient indie tune that offers more depth than first meets the ear. It’s subtle songwriting skills shown by Bryant on tunes like these that further hype up the anticipation of the upcoming Cultivated album. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the songwriter is on an extensive North American tour, wrapping up back home in Vancouver in May. See the poster below for full listings of dates.

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