Luke Krutzke and the High Tides - Self Esteem

Luke Krutzke and the High Tides Release "Self Esteem"

The band's debut single totally rocks.

By: Brandon Sims

Luke Krutzke and the High Tides.jpg

Available for free on their Bandcamp or Spotify, “Self Esteem,” is a quick moving, captivating track with underlinings of melodic psychedelia and garage-rock roots. The song is a rollercoaster of a tune that goes through phases of dreamy chord progressions to funky brass sections, catchy guitar riffs and groovy sounds from a wide range of instruments. 

The Nashville based indie-rockers recorded this pretty little number with J. Brandon Owens at The Planetarium (formerly Silent Planet Studio) and released it on July 14th, 2018. The song is said to be "a reflection on self-preservation and care, in a fast-paced world that doesn't always accommodate."

Krutzke’s care-free vocals and guitar playing pairs perfectly with the groups rhythmically psychedelic style. While the band is still in its infancy in terms of available musical content, videos of the band’s live performances on YouTube show that this group of young men are worth keeping an eye on. Their songwriting appears genuine and rings out like authentic poetic expression.

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