margø - In Between

margø Drops Debut Single “In Between”

Canadian born margø showcases enormous vocals you won’t forget.

By: Exile Staff


“Was I blind? Your shadow claimed my light. I was never enough…”

The debut single from margø is an undeniably powerful arrival into the music world. The track, “In Between”, is explosive from the get-go, with strong 808’s, the vibe of Awolnation’s smash hit “Sail,” and a catchy as hell chorus.

Ultimately, however, “In Between” is all about the vocal performance from the talented Canadian, who showcases an impressive range dripping with raw emotion.

From the very first note to the final chorus, “In Between” is the perfect crescendo, complete with a chorus that you’ll be singing over and over. The sound and cadence of her voice has such an intrinsic likability that is rarely heard in today’s music.

The verses neatly wrap around the robust choruses, balancing gentle guitar picking and subtle percussion, with lyrics dripping with raw emotion. “In Between” tells the story of losing yourself in a relationship, snapping yourself out of it, and taking the power back in a toxic situation. It’s content we can all relate to, and the lyrics are as poetic as they are melodically beautiful.

Each verse builds on the next, with margø demonstrating a mature ability to restrain a gigantic vocal range patiently and unleashing it further and further as the song progresses.

“In Between” has all the elements of an electronic-pop hit. With captivating vocals reminiscent of K. Flay, a polished bass line, and a relentless stream of vocal hooks, this is undoubtedly the start of a promising musical career.

With such a strong vocal talent, two more singles and an EP on the way, 2019 promises to be an electric year for margø. Keep your ears tuned to what comes next.