ØYA - Isle

Copenhagen's ØYA Release "Isle"

Dive into the unique musical dimension of ØYA

By: Sam Eeckhout

ØYA press 1.jpg

Slip away with the Copenhagen outfit ØYA and their special serene aesthetic. Off their latest album, Dreams Rewind, "Isle" throbs and splashes, like a winding river you can't take your eyes off. Mathias Holm, who created ØYA, wanted to create a sound that was different from the rest, and he succeeded. "Isle" is hypnotic, deeply introspective, and reflective, with a simple beautiful guitar riff and sparse vocals. Complete with an additionally unique music video, "Isle" lures you in right from the perfect drum intro all the way to the final note in its melodic splendor.

"Isle" is exactly the type of song that brings images rushing to your head. You might close your eyes and go somewhere else, or you might daydream and reflect on fond memories. Either way, the song does what all great music should do, evokes emotion. Many different influences can be heard here, everything from The War on Drugs to the great French composer Maurice Ravel. ØYA is currently touring Denmark and Germany in support of their new album, which can be heard here.

Watch the video above, close your eyes, and enjoy the distinct and transfixing sounds of ØYA.