Parks “3x5” is an Indie-Pop Spectacle You’ll Want to Hear Immediately

Parks “3x5” is an Indie-Pop Infused Spectacle You’ll Want to Hear Immediately

By: Brandon Sims


After nearly five years of ups, downs, a whirlwind of emotions, and a series of unfortunate events, the five-piece indie-pop band known as Parks finally released their self-titled debut album. It’s filled with musical energy and a sort of lyrical elegance that’ll keep you singing along and dancing for weeks.

One of the standout tracks from the album, “3x5,” perfectly encapsulates the type of vibe Parks wishes to invoke in their audience.

Throughout the song, lead singer Brian E. King carefully and skillfully guides the listener through a unique soundscape that has clearly taken years to perfect.

What makes “3x5” such a beautifully composed track is not only the catchy, singalong vocal presence but also the truly incredible songwriting from each band member and their respective instrumental sections.

Driven by delightfully soul-punching guitar riffs, and backed by the grooving bassline and enchanting piano section, the song really hits its stride in the final two minutes, as King’s voice fades from existence in order to show off what the band does best, which is jam together as one solidified group of very talented musicians. This final bridge does an excellent job of demonstrating just who Parks is as a musical act.

The self-titled album, which came out in November of 2018, is loaded with tons of gems that are more than deserving of a listen. This record is one of those hidden pieces of musical mastery that undoubtedly demands more attention. When listening to the album, it’s clear a lot of time and energy was put into the recordings. It’s also evident that a wide spectrum of emotions that came about through different experiences in the members’ lives helped inspire much of this record.

Parks is Brian E. King, lead vocals/guitar, Eric Bolton on guitar, Andrew Jones on drums, Rob Johanson on bass, and Robin Melendez on backing vocals.


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