Rayvin Moon - Lazy Sad Jesus

Rayvin Moon Shines with "Lazy Sad Jesus"

The single creates a serene, yet urgent aesthetic, fusing genres and sprinkling unique instrumentation.

By: Exile Staff


"Don't count the rosary. Don't iconicize a savior."

If the title of the track doesn't grab your attention, the harp intro certainly will. It's just one of the many distinctly cinematic Rayvin Moon sounds that work in "Lazy Sad Jesus". Successfully cutting through the clutter of alt-pop, Moon elegantly explores some pretty big concepts lyrically. Covering religion (obviously), love and death, Moon explains the deeper context of its lyrics:

"Every single morning I think of the concepts of love, death, religion and loss; and how we as a human race need to wake up and not sleep through the revolution. The song really explores the concept of having faith in what we believe is our soul's destiny and relying on our own flesh and blood to lead us to opulence of the mind and spirit."

There are several really strong ideas packed intricately into "Lazy Sad Jesus". The chorus ignites a message of taking control of our own destiny, a self-empowering and motivating mantra. The syncopated and lo-fi intro rhythm explodes into a deep bass with a crisp snare. The song refuses to settle into a repetitive groove, taking a decided turn to a darker and heavier vibe more than halfway through.

Songwriting, aesthetic, and lyrical content aside, Moon can sing. When she isn't sing-rapping, her voice is weighty yet effortless. Following her previously similar cinematic sounding creation "Tyler Durden", Moon continues to push and refine her sound. Her boundary pushing and talent make her someone we've got our eyes on. We hope yours are too. Listen below.