Redwillowboy - Break Teeth

Chicago born Redwillowboy releases "Break Teeth"

The hypnotic and immaculately produced track is part of his debut EP.

By: Exile Staff


Since the age of ten, it's been a determined, steady journey for producer Will Collins, better known as Redwillowboy. This journey has culminated to the release his debut EP, and "Break Teeth" is the perfect single to encapsulate his sound. Combining impressive vocals with his self-taught guitar playing, Redwillowboy has added piano to his repertoire. "Break Teeth" is memorable and mesmerizing, drawing you in slowly with an uplifting, off-kilter piano rhythm, before Collins' smooth and polished vocals push the track to an explosive drop. Slick layering, pitched vocals and swelling synth work will make you crank the volume on the epic chorus. The second verse builds upon the last before casually falling away into light guitar strumming and vocals until you're leaning forward, waiting for the drop one more time. Redwillowboy is rightfully gathering serious attention from the music world. His sound is unique, yet oddly specific. Combining producing at a high level, with performing several different instruments, Redwillowboy will have the capability to continue absorbing listeners into his universe. 

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