Serious Klein - 91 Flex

German/Ghanian Rap Talent Serious Klein Releases New Single 

Explosive, aggressive, and articulate, 91 Flex goes hard.

By: Exile Staff


Serious Klein, the rising rap star from Germany/Ghana, has released an explosive and impressive new single. "91 Flex" follows his previous release "Boy Boy" , and is absolutely punishing. The track, produced by longtime collaborator Rascal (Chance the Rapper), begins with a haunting lead before Seri attacks the beat. First, and foremost, Seri is an exceptional MC. Blending immaculate articulation with rapid-fire precision, "91 Flex" is tightly packed with lyrics ranging from making confessions to putting the rap world on blast. His artistic vision is unique, and the first verse overwhelms your brain before he takes a pause to reflect.

"My life upside down, I can’t breath. Good God, please hold heart rescue me."

The song absorbingly borders the line between angry and self-reflection, always mixing up the flow to ensure you're keeping up with his ridiculous preciseness. Serious Klein oozes charisma with his uniquely dynamic vocals, and is carving out his own sound and vision. "91 Flex" holds down a specific aesthetic of aggression and differentiates itself from his previous releases, showing the ability to adapt, diversify and mesh several different styles together. Seri will continue to be a tantalizing and captivating artist to follow.  Listen to the track below.

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