Spielbergs - Distant Star

Oslo Power-Trio Spielbergs Release "Distant Star"

The follow up to "We Are All Going to Die" is a shout-at-the-top-of-your-lungs anthem

By: Exile Staff

SPIELBERGS 3b_preview.jpg

Norwegian indie-rock band Spielbergs have delivered a delicious new single titled, "Distant Star." The tune wastes no time, shedding a conventional intro and starting immediately with a fist-pumping verse. 28 seconds later we're introduced to what will be stuck in our heads for the next few days, a shout at the heavens, jump up and down chorus. A polished sounding Japandroids, Spielbergs are unabashedly emotional, with their hearts wide open and spilling all over the structure of the concise single. Following up their debut single of equally impressive melodic mindfulness, "We Are All Going To Die", their second single "Distant Star" has the Oslo natives pushing their sound further, balancing heavy, full sounding guitars with strong vocal melodies. Spielbergs don't force any note, with each and every hook seemingly oozing out of their pores. They aren't manufacturing anthemic singles, but are letting their raw emotion and musical talent push them forward and into the spotlight naturally. "Distant Star" is going to make you feel good. This is who they are, and we're glad they are here. Their debut EP will be released April 27th. Listen to the brand new "Distant Star" below.