Vaarwell - "Stay"

Vaarwell Drops Dreamy Single "Stay" With Video

Melodic, melancholic, synth-centered "Stay" is a feel good hit.

By: Exile Staff


Vaarwell, complete with a rose-tinted music video, may have just dropped your new go-to Spring track. "Stay" starts with a light and dreamy synth riff that quickly gets lathered up with a succinct and effective melody. Margarida Falcão’s vocals are strong while sounding effortless, showing glimpses of a Dolores O'Riordan rasp and a polished Nina Persson of Cardigans fame. The song wastes no time burrowing itself into your brain. Bandmates Ricardo Nagy and Luís Monteiro bashfully keep their heads down in the video, expressionless and draped in light pink. Despite their look of disinterest in the video, they are the driving force behind its head-nodding groove. Precise riffs, picking quality over quantity, they're always choosing the right notes at the right time.

The chorus, "You talk to me in slow motion, I hear you speak the words don't come through" pour out of Falcão with a pinch of disappointment in this light-hearted story. Her effortless vocal ability matches her innate likability and the song flies by, demanding a re-listen. Anchored by the subtle yet effective electronic beat, "Stay"  is a compact indie-pop single that never missteps. Keep and eye and an ear out for Vaarwell. Watch the video below.