Vern Matz - Cityscapes

Vern Matz Releases "Cityscapes"

The unique trio weaves earnest lyrics with a serene sound in latest single.

By: Sam Eeckhout

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“Cityscapes”, the latest indie-folk single from Vern Matz, neatly hits all the right notes. Off of their freshly released Bobblehead EP, the tune immediately grabs your attention and seduces you into its tranquil universe. Frontman Daniel Belgrad transforms gentle guitar strumming into a hypnotic build, gradually picking up momentum with honest vocals that nicely intertwine with the melody. It’s an impressive piece of songwriting that begs you to close your eyes and float away with its melancholy aesthetic.

Vern Matz is gathering momentum and has started 2019 off right. “Cityscapes” adds to their growing list of songs that conjure up images of leaves falling, the warmth from the sun on your skin, and letting your worries slip away. Crafting music that creates such strong imagery with such stripped back songwriting is a testament to the talent the trio has. Keeping an ear out for what’s next from Vern Matz is a 2019 essential.

Take a peek at their newly released Bobblehead EP ————> here.

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