Wheel - Please

Wheel Releases "Please"

Compact, intricate, and with a strong message, "Please" is a powerful track. 

By: Exile Staff

Photo by Jonna Kopie

Photo by Jonna Kopie

Finland-based hard-rockers Wheel have released "Please", a lyrically charged and meticulous track. Comparisons to Tool and A Perfect Circle are fair, but Wheel condenses and compacts the song into a tidy package. There isn't a wasted note or bar throughout the four-minute tune. 

The track instantly draws you in with its wailing guitars played on top of a bass line that plays tightly with the drums. It's obvious from the get-go that the band spent significant time laying out and practicing time signatures. They walk the line between complicated and accessible, nicely glued all together with James Lascelles' vocals. Its lyrics are a direct message to the mainstream media for dividing and over-simplifying complicated issues unnecessarily. Lascelles urges the media to stop thinking of their audiences as stupid.

Structurally, lyrically, technically, and artistically, "Please" is a damn near immaculate tune that deserves a listen.