WYO - Moonlight

WYO Releases "Moonlight"

Deceptively simplistic, this cinematic single will pull you in and won’t let you go.

By: Exile Staff


The Los Angeles band WYO released their latest single “Moonlight”, which coupled with a hypnotizing video, will captivate you. From the initial delay-ridden synths, to the impactful chorus, “Moonlight” is everything you want from an indie-pop tune.

The latest video from WYO that showcases soaring landscapes, is the perfect compliment to the song that glides across a wide soundscape. Lead singer Andy Sorge’s vocals are weighty, effortlessly communicating the feeling of being in a relationship and needing to get away from it all. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a video that succinctly connects the meaning and aesthetic of the song to the visuals, but “Moonlight” makes it look easy.

Filmed at 3 Spear Ranch in Dubois, the video serves as a perfect backbone to “Moonlight”, the first single from their upcoming sophomore album Changes, and is an indication that there are more great things coming from WYO.

When asked about the video for “Moonlight”, Andy Sorge said:

When we first started to conceptualize the video for "Moonlight", the night sky easily came to mind. The song references a couple escaping into the night, away from the light of day, and the stars became a theme throughout the video. We wanted to stay true to the lyrics of the song by showing visuals that match the moments sung about. We aimed at creating a desolate and ominous world. I heard that a friend from school, Creed Garnick and his wife Sascha, who are both actors from Wyoming, were living in Dubois and running an art ranch called 3 Spear Ranch, so we connected with them about the video and filmed "Moonlight" in this remote area under the stars.

The song is much more than a beautifully shot music video. “"Moonlight” is a song you should have on your driving and late night playlists. The chorus is an absolute earworm, with subtle hooks, backup vocals, and simplified twangy guitar notes. “Moonlight” expertly and relentlessly builds, with each chorus paying off each building verse before it. Fans of My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses will be sure to have this track on repeat.