Zaia - BLUE

Zaia Fuses Genres in New R&B Single “BLUE”

The 20-year old talent from Atlanta flexes far beyond his age.

By: Exile Staff


“But these days, I’m just blue…”

Right from the first beat of “BLUE,” you’ll be sucked in. With a perfectly stripped back percussion section and subtle synths, Zaia is able to blend his vocals with precision. The Atlanta musician takes pieces from soul, funk, and hip-hop to build a deep-rooted vibe quickly.

At a young age, Zaia is already showing a mature understanding of how to craft his sound. His delivery has a natural weight, and his flow allows him to build his verses patiently and organically.

Zaia’s debut EP came out in April 2018, and contained some real gems in “Insensitive” and “Barriers.” With a duo of singles behind him, “BLUE” continues the trend of impressive steps forward for Zaia.

The track is a compact slice of R&B dripping with introspective emotion. While it would be simple to look at the content and assume a ‘downer’ feel, the tune is actually uplifting in its vulnerability. Everyone’s felt blue, and Zaia does a great job connecting us to his music.

Rolling in at two minutes and seventeen seconds, there is zero filler on “BLUE.” It’s complete with an unmistakable aesthetic, wailing guitar solo, fresh chorus, and strong message.

It’s everything you would look for in a song - and more. You’ll definitely have “BLUE” on repeat this spring.