Zero - Leave the Lights On

Genre Bending New Single From Rapper Zero

The track seamlessly fuses alt-rock with hip-hop, creating a unique experience.

 By: Michael Guppy


21-year-old Philly native Zero previously had an aggressive style that would lend itself great to a cypher or diss track, so much so it leads to comparisons to sounding like Eminem in both flow and sound.

Let's be honest. Comparisons to Eminem are never a bad thing, but with his new single “Leave The Light On” (co-written by grandson) he shows he’s worth more than surface comparisons, unleashing a powerfully emotive, but focused single.

Stylistically “Leave the Light On” is a perfect blend of alternative and rap. An angsty and power-fuelled track, it is clear that grandson’s stylings not only bleed through, but are the perfect complement to Zero’s flow.

The production of this track is immaculate, feeling extremely organic yet bombastic at the same time. It has all the fixings, from a lullaby-like melody, complete with acoustic guitars in the intro, a stacked snare beat, and a chorus with a haunting melody and hypnotic harmonies.

In a sentence - “Leave the Light On” is widely appealing to a broad range of listeners from all backgrounds. This song will get stuck in your head long after the first listen and should get everyone excited for the full-length effort on the way.

The emotion is put at the forefront, and it’s clear Zero took a chance that paid off. Zero explains in his own words: “Leave the Light On” is about hope. It's asking the people who love you most to have the strength to let you make mistakes, to stumble and fall, even though it's going to hurt. It's asking them to have faith that you will make it back a better person.”