Jutes X Benny Mayne - Attitude

Jutes X Benny Mayne Release "Attitude"

The track is ridiculously fun, fresh and infectious.

By: Heidi Bray

benny mayne+jutes.jpeg

You've got yourself a new, windows down, sunshine out driving tune. Toronto's tandem of jutes and benny mayne have combined forces for a new rap track just in time for the changing of the seasons. Starting with a simple funk bass-line going up the fretboard, "attitude" is as groovy as it gets. The duo creates an infectious aesthetic by combining unique and provocative lyrics, sparse backup vocals and a bursting energy throughout. No stranger to edgy lyrics, jutes' tracks "Pretty When U Cry" and "Cocaine Cinderella" generated a ton of buzz in the industry with their straightforward and vulnerable words. Meanwhile, benny mayne has equally been rising up the ranks in the R&B world. His debut release "Bounce" garnered him instant popularity and a place among the renowned Paradigm Agency. Produced flawlessly, "attitude" flies by, and warrants several replays. In terms of collaboration, this is one that is a perfect fit. Blending two distinct styles of R&B, we can only hope the two team up again soon. 

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