The Black Keys Return After 5-Year Hiatus, Release New Single

The Black Keys Return After 5-Year Hiatus, Release New Single

They’re back.

By: Brandon Sims


The duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, most commonly known as The Black Keys, have released new music for the first time since their Turn Blue album in 2014.

After a five year hiatus, the band is back and is seemingly picking up right where they left off.

Their new single, “Lo/Hi” is an electrifyingly gut-punching trip down a desert road into psychedelic euphoria. Written and produced by Auerbach and Carney, the pair recorded the single at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

This track reeks of all the crumblings that make up the sound that put the band over the top with their monster 2011 album, El Camino. “Lo/HI” is everything their fans have grown to love over the years. With rocking guitar licks drenched in melting distortion, backed by the driving force of Carney’s drums and the vocal support of some lovely background singers, “Lo/Hi” reminds the world that The Black Keys are still here.

While this is their first shred of publicly released music in over five years, the band’s only two members have been quite busy doing their own things. In 2017, Auerbach launched Easy Eye Sound record label, named after his recording studio in Nashville. He also released his second studio album, Waiting On a Song, that same year, which was well received by fans and critics.

Carney has also produced and recorded new music with a variety of artists including co-writing and producing Calvin Johnson’s A Wonderful Beast, which was released in 2018, and producing his partner Michelle Branch’s 2017 LP, Hopeless Romantic.

So, what’s next for the band? Will there be an album? Can fans expect to see The Black Keys on tour this summer? No one knows for now, but one thing is for sure - their latest release is a clear sign the boys are back.