WATCH: Bring Me The Horizon's New Single ‘Medicine’

WATCH: Bring Me The Horizon Continues Full On Transition to Mainstream Sound with New Single ‘Medicine’

By: Brandon Sims


Bring Me the Horizon released a new single today from their upcoming album, Amo, due January 25th. ‘Medicine’ is another piece of the pie that inches audiences closer to completely revealing the bands new sound. Unlike the previous two singles, which featured heavier, guitar-driven riffs and screams that were still somewhat reminiscent the bands sound on previous records, Medicine is completely unlike anything we’ve heard from BMTH.

Right from the beginning of the song, it’s immediately evident that this is not the Bring Me the Horizon we all grew up with. Gone are the gut-wrenching deep screams and menacing pig squeals, and in steps the arpeggiated synthesizers and drop-D guitar tuning. While the song is certainly far from being their heaviest song to date, is it creative, energetic, catchy, and is as expressive as any of the band's previous recordings.

What’s different about ‘Medicine’ is that truly provides fans with insight into where BMTH is heading as a whole. This band is clearly evolving as musicians, as well as human beings.

For one, the lack of any screaming or any degree of heaviness in ‘Medicine’ is the biggest indicator that fans will be receiving a different type of album later this month. BMTH has reached the point in their careers where they have the opportunity to become international superstars, which is something less than 1% of hardcore metal bands ever get say about themselves, and that is totally fine. Longtime fans of the band who are dissatisfied with their transition from emo-deathcore legends to hard radio-rock should rejoice rather than expresses their displeasure. Your boys finally made it. They did it. A group of guys from Sheffield, England, of all places, spent 12 years growing their sound so they could finally reach this point.

The single is also coupled with a brand new music video that appears to be undoubtedly expensive. It’s the type of music video that only top-level bands have the luxury of creating. Just another sign that they’re kicking things up a notch. By releasing this track during the first week of 2019 they are kicking off the new year with a completely new sound and look, and in doing so, perhaps delivering a message that a new tide has turned for the English rockers.