Bring Me the Horizon Just Released This Live Video and It’s As Awesome As You’d Hope

Bring Me the Horizon Just Released This Live Video and It’s As Awesome As You’d Hope

By: Brandon Sims


Fans of Bring Me the Horizon were excited when they saw a new upload to band’s official Youtube channel today, mainly because they hoped for a new a single and a deeper look at their upcoming album. Instead, the band released a live video of them performing their latest single, ‘Wonderful Life’ at Alexandra Palace in London on November 30th.

While some new music would have been ideal, this video is absolutely awesome. Unfortunately, this is the same night where a fan died in the crowd. Sacred Exile sends our love and respect to the friends and family of the victim.

Nonetheless, the performance gives us a glimpse into the direction the band is heading. Drenched in black and white lighting, the band, at times, look like the rock gods they’re growing into.

Lead singer, Oli Sykes, appears to have reached a new height on his own end as a performer. As seen in this performance, he commands respect and attention when he’s on stage. The eccentric singer is loud, energetic, charismatic, and most importantly incredibly talented on the microphone.

After 14 years of scraping along the bottom of the barrel within the rock music landscape, the once-upon-a-time emo archetypes are reaching their peak. The band is selling out arenas across the world and 2015’s, That’s The Spirit, served as the kind of breakthrough album they needed to show off their immense talent.

Bring Me the Horizon’s new LP, Amo, is slated to arrive January 25th of next year, and according to Sykes and keyboardist, Jordan Fish, it’s going to be the most multifaceted record Bring Me The Horizon has put out yet. What we know for sure is that if the rest of the album is anything like their last two singles, fans of rock n’ roll worldwide will finally have something to cheer about.