DATSIK Cancels Tour Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Rumors Swirl Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations About Datsik

Dubstep producer accused on Twitter of drugging and forcing himself on women

By: Exile Staff


Update - Thursday March 15th 12:15PM PST

Firepower Records, the label started by Datsik, has cut all ties with the producer and released the following statement via twitter. Datsik has also cancelled his current tour, and made his Twitter profile private.

Thanks to @electric_hawk for this tweet grab.

March 14 11AM PST

Early Wednesday morning, a barrage of sexual misconduct allegations against Dubstep stalwart Datsik began circulating Twitter. It began when Twitter user @_princesssjay tweeted out screenshots from a Facebook thread, which contained multiple allegations ranging from drugging to raping women on his tour bus.

Datsik quickly deleted past tweets from his account that are certainly incriminating, as they poke fun at the idea of sexual assault. Laughing at how Tulsa backwards spells “A slut”, his deleted tweets were screen-shotted before they were taken down, and posted by @kaitlyn_baggett.

Other twitter users shared a picture of name tags they were given by Datsik that say “Tulsa”, instead of their names.

At this point, Datsik has only released a blanket statement saying that he will be addressing these allegations soon.

The threads continued with several women commenting and expressing their own harrowing stories relating to Datsik and sexual assault. This is an evolving story, stay tuned.