KANYE WEST is Working on a New Album

Kanye West is Working on a New Album

The music star is reportedly working on his new album in Wisconsin

By: Cameron Douglas


Love him or hate him, Kanye West is arguably one of the most influential icons of our generation, especially when it comes to the music he has put out over the years. In my opinion, his more recent stuff pales in comparison to the earlier years. The College Dropout is to music, what Revelations is to religion, and I still get goosebumps when "Through the Wire" comes out of my speakers. Fortunately for us, 'Ye is going back to his roots and has been reportedly working his ninth studio album, this time with the help of some All-Stars from the industry. They've managed escape the city and are currently cooped up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I have decided to rank the features for his upcoming album from absolute best, to still pretty dope, but you can be the judge.


KiD Cudi

First off, we have one of the original GOOD Music members, one of Kanye's close friends and long-time collaborator. Kid Cudi is one of my favorite musicians of all time, a true renaissance man. He always pushed the boundaries of the industry, speaking on the taboo of mental illness and feelings which was shunned by hip-hop and flipping it on its head. His lyrics and style were always something I could relate to growing up and there was never a situation that you couldn't throw him on. It's easy to see what 'Ye saw in him and how he became so successful. Obviously, he has been laying fairly low since his last album in 2016, so I am very interested to see what they come up with.



No introduction needed for the long time, east coast heavy hitter. You know that any track Nas is on is going to be lyrically unhinged, with a quick tempo and just all around banger. I can see him bringing real raw energy to the album and I'm hoping to hear him on more than one track. He has been featured on a few songs over the last few years, but most of what we have seen lately are his abilities as a businessman when he recently made $40M through investments. I have high expectations for him.


Travis Scott

Of course, Travis Scott will be on the album. Kanye was never one to stray away from Nepotism (Tyga...), now that Scott is going to be his brother-in-law. With that aside, Travis Scott will bring some intensity and promotion to some of the more club bangers on the album and will make a great live performance when the time comes as well. One thing you can definitely expect is an "It's Lit!" somewhere on the album.

Rounding out the rest:

King Louie -  This Chicago native will stir up some early era Kanye emotions, hopefully bringing him back to his roots.

Tony Williams – Was featured as a vocalist on The College Dropout, so expect some of the same.

Mike Dean – Expect some present-day beats, think Migos.

All in all its going to be a great album, which is highly anticipated. Keep your eyes peeled as I expect to update this article a few times before the release date.