Lil Xan and the Longevity of Hip-Hop

Is Tupac Overrated?

Lil Xan's comments created a storm of controversy about Tupac's legacy.

By: Cameron Douglas


In recent news, we've seen hip-hop heavyweights weigh in on Lil Xan's recent interview with Revolt TV, in which he criticized Tupac as being a "boring rapper". Artists like T.I. and Waka Flocka Flame, have dismissed the comments, proclaiming to have "kicked" Lil Xan out of the rap game, while other lesser-known artists have agreed with the young lo-fi rapper. Below we will be looking at all sides of the story to come to a conclusion on the long sought out question: Is Tupac overrated?

First off, we have to look at Lil Xan, a white rapper from Redlands, CA. A predominately upper-middle-class neighborhood, coming from a young generation with little to no credibility. With these facts at hand, it doesn’t mean he is not entitled to his opinion, which is widely regarded as being false, but what we tend to find with the younger crowds these days is that they have no respect for the old ways. The genre and history of Gangster Rap, hip-hop with meaning, is lyrical and full of substance. Rappers had the background and history to know what they were talking about. This doesn’t necessarily make Lil Xan wrong, but it does show he is out of his element.

Secondly, we have to look at music through evolution. Any person who dwells in the past will never progress. The times are always changing, and the youth will never be able to fully connect to the music of the past as much as the person who lived through it. Although some may not agree with his claims, it doesn’t mean Lil Xan is wrong. We live in a time of progression, where the latest fads change faster than I change my bed sheets. So, who is to say that a classic hip-hop icon isn't boring to the kids of today? Just because an artist is big in his own right, doesn't necessarily mean he is good, because what defines "good"? Just take a look at Nicholas Cage.

Lastly, we must take a look at Pac himself. On a personal note, I love Tupac, he is an outspoken poet and one of the best that ever did it. He brought raw emotion into a genre which was completely void of it at the time. He had a short career, due to his untimely death, but managed to influence so much in this short period and changed the game forever. He had charisma, he was provocative, he had range and diversity. He was an innovator. 

With all of these points taken into consideration, I believe that any logical person will see that Lil Xan is dead wrong. He has shown a lack of vision and respect for his elders. Obviously, that is his opinion and he has his right to stick to it. I admire that he stands by his convictions and hasn't recanted this, but how do you know where you are going if you don't know where you've been? Time will tell, but you can be certain that Tupac's name will last forever, whereas Lil Xans will fade from memory, just like the Xanax intended.