NERO Members Start New Duo; Group's Future Unknown

two members announce new project

Announcement could mean a potential break-up of the group

By: Brandon Sims


Today, the British electronic music trio known as NERO made a surprise announcement that provides some ominous insight into the band’s future.

It appears as though two of the three members, Dan Stephens and Alana Watson, will be taking a break from the highly successful group in order to focus their time and energy on a new project called “The Night.”

A tweet coming from NERO’s official twitter page reads, “For the past decade you’ve stood by our side as NERO. It’s now time to tell a different story. – Dan & Alana.” Below the quote is a retro 80’s-style logo for the new group, The Night, which fits right along with the branding the group is famous for.


NERO was originally founded by the duo, Dan Stephens and Joseph Ray, before they brought Watson on board as a full-time member following the success of their 2011 debut album, Welcome Reality. The band released a second album in 2015, Between II Worlds, which was met with similar critical acclaim.

Watson and Stephens began dating sometime between the release of the first and second album and married each other in December 2015. In June 2017, the couple posted an announcement on Facebook that they would be having a child together.


While the tweet leaves us with little information, it is clear that Dan and Alana are looking to explore a new avenue for their careers, and in doing so, perhaps will be putting NERO to rest. Although the news might seem unfortunate for some, the new members of The Night are incredibly talented, and it will be very interesting to see what kind of sound they release on the world. Will they continue with the bass-heavy, synth-infused anthems we’ve grown accustomed to from NERO, or will it be something entirely different? Until we know, fans worldwide will patiently await the group’s next update.