Ocean Alley Releases Brand New Single

Ocean Alley Releases New Single “Stained Glass”

It’s the first single since the band’s second album Chiaroscuro.

By: Brandon Sims

Ocean Alley New.png

One of Australia’s fastest growing homegrown acts, Ocean Alley, recently released their first single since the band dropped their breakthrough second album, Chiaroscuro, last March.

“Stained Glass” is a translucent, genre-blending infusion of reggae surf-rock. In other words, exactly what music fans across the world have quickly come to expect from the Aussie rockers.

The band expressed how they really took their time with the sound design in “Stained Glass,” especially in the rich and soulful guitar tones. They openly discussed how the gained success over the last year has enabled the group to invest in more instruments and equipment, which in return has allowed them to explore new opportunities regarding sound and production.

Evidence of Ocean Alley’s desire to experiment and progress is shown throughout the track. The song itself is built upon layers of surfy guitar chords and sliding licks that eventually collide with wave-crashing drums and an always consistent vocal presence from lead singer, Baden Donegal. “Stained Glass” is refreshing, it’s charismatic, and, much like the rest of their work, is the type of track you can put on for any music fan.

Fresh off their North American tour in support of Tash Sultana, the band is gearing up to set out on their own headlining tour across North America.

Check their tour dates below to see Ocean Alley in a city near you: