Of Monsters and Men Release New Single

Of Monsters and Men Release “Alligator”

It’s the first single since the Icelandic band’s epic 2015 album, Beneath the Skin.

By: Brandon Sims


The new track, “Alligator”, delivers in the typically glorious fashion that fans of the band have become accustomed to.

Lead singer, Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir, does another spectacular job of captivating listeners by providing her trademark arena-rock vocal presence. Seriously, does Hilmarsdottir get enough credit for the body of work she has put forth? Time after time she records vocal performances that can be put up against any industry leading vocalist, and her efforts on “Alligator” are no exception.

The band wrote on their Facebook:

“We are so excited about Alligator, the first release from our upcoming album. The song very much speaks to the excitement and energy that we feel about being back. We can’t wait to share more music and see everyone again.”

While the group has been largely absent from the public eye over the last three years, they’ve given fans a glimpse into what’s they’ve been up to by sharing some footage from their time in the studio.

Check out the official lyric video to  “Alligator” below.