Retro City RELEASES New Single "Holiday"

Retro City Releases New Single “Holiday”

The first single from their new EP, “Holiday” is the perfect balance of indie-rock and storytelling.

By: Brandon Sims

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Earlier this month, Missouri-based indie-rock band, Retro City, released their self-titled debut EP. The single from the EP, Holiday, is a blissful and inspiring launching point for the band.

“Holiday” delivers on everything music fans expect from contemporary indie-rock bands. The track takes listeners on a journey through a familiar setting. Based around the circumstantial happenstance of meeting someone who takes your breath away on a sunny holiday, “Holiday” takes the audience back to a time most people can relate to.

Everyone has had that moment in time where you meet someone who gets stuck in your mind for weeks on end, and “Holiday” does a great job of encapsulating that beautiful moment with elegant storytelling and masterful songwriting.

As the first single from their debut EP, “Holiday” is a song that will get stuck in your head for days. Lead singer, Nathan Higgins, has a way of guiding listeners through the song with such ease and comfort. By the time he gets to the second chorus, you have no choice but to sing along and rejoice in the passionately expressive manner from which he explains his story. This song has beauty, it has soul, it has passion, and damn, is it ever catchy.

Retro City is an indie-rock band from Cape Girardeau, Missouri who are still in the early stages of their young career. Having released their EP on February 15th of this year, the band has yet to play many live shows and has instead chosen to focus most of their energy over the last year on producing high-quality music for listeners at home. As songs from the EP begin to gain more traction, it’s safe to expect to see this group on the tour circuit at some point over the next year.