Spacey Jane: Dreamy, Garage Surf-Rock for the Modern Soul

Spacey Jane: Dreamy, Garage Surf-Rock for the Modern Soul

One of two new singles, the track is fun, passionate, and creative.

By: Brandon Sims


The latest EP from Spacey Jane, In the Slight, is a hazy, psychedelic stroll down the boardwalk on a hot sunny day. This long-haired quartet from Fremantle, Australia (population 6000) provides raw, garage rock that touches the soul, and in some ways almost makes you feel like a kid again. It’s the type of sound that makes you forget about your worries and is reminiscent of youthful endless summers.

From the opening track, “Cold Feet,” Spacey Jane lets you know what they’re all about, with their signature chord strumming and the borderline nonchalant attitude singer Caleb Harper approaches the vocal section with. In the bridge coming out of the second chorus, the band gives room to that dreamy, almost… dare I say… SPACEY sound that’s being popularized throughout Australia lately. Think Ocean Alley and Tash Sultana.

Sawteeth is the standout track from this EP. It’s catchy, it’s authentic, it has a great hook, and it’s impossible to listen to just once. This song feels like it should be played as you surf a 30-foot wave right into the sun.

It’s one of those tracks that makes you contemplate life, but not in a negative way. It's the cold breeze on a hot summer day that leaves you in a state of shoegazing euphoria.

Songs like “Keep a Clean Nose” and “Neoprene” help show off Harper’s talent by giving the vocals a bit more focus. Something that rings true throughout the entirety the band’s catalog is that they stay true to who they are. Sure, in their sound you hear The Strokes, you hear The Cure, the influences are there, but at no point does it feel like they’re doing what they do for anyone but themselves.